Film Commission Workshop 2016

On September 16-18, in the city of Truskavets, within the framework of the festival «Korona Karpat”, the Ukrainian Film Industry Association, with the support of the Ukrainian State Film Agency, conducted a workshop “Creation and development of film commissions in Ukraine”. For two days, international experts have been answering questions about what a film commission is and what role they play in promoting a country or a particular region.

Andrea Rocco, Director of the Genoese-Ligurian Film Commission and Head of the Board of the European Film Commission, made a brief review of the history of the creation of European film committees, told about their structure, methods of organization, traditional tasks and additional opportunities aimed at tourist attractiveness of the region, as well as a review of international organizations and international film commission work experience.

Alessandro Gropplero, Head of the Department of International Affairs of the Regional Audiovisual Foundation Friuli-Venezia Giulia (Italy), reported on “Film Commissions and Audiovisual Funds as an Instrument for Strategic Planning and Maximizing the Benefits of Regional Resources,” in which the focus was on the three pillars of development film commissions (training, growth and network), on the commercial and creative process, and on the collisions of surveillance (how to evaluate yours actions).

Mick Retman (UK), an international specialist for searching locations, introduced the location-finding process for filming with the audience and described the peculiarities of collaborating film-making groups with local authorities, local residents and the public.

The report on the subject “The experience of partner countries on the impact of the international film-making process on the development of the region” was prepared by the Head of the Georgian Film Commission, Head of the Department of Distribution of the Georgian Film Foundation, David Vashadze.

Participation in the workshop was attended by more than 80 film producers and representatives of local authorities.

As part of the event were performances of Ukrainian national films created in co-production as well as discussions, creative meetings and other events aimed at solving the issues of creating and developing film commissions in Ukraine.

According to the Head of the Ukrainian Film State Agency Philip Illenko

«We are paying a lot of attention to the creation of regional film commissions, as it became an urgent necessity for Ukraine. During the workshop, we have heard various international experience in creating film commissions, which will definitely be applied in Ukraine. The film commissions will work not only to simplify the system of obtaining permission for filming but also to provide cooperation with local authorities when it comes to supporting film production. Such organizations will interact with funds that provide funding for films and will take part in solving other, no less important cinematic issues».