About US

The Film Industry Association of Ukraine was founded at the end of 2016 to promote the comprehensive development and popularization of Ukrainian cinema both in Ukraine and abroad, together or in cooperation with public authorities, private structures, charitable foundations and representatives of international structures.



Jane Yatsuta

Head of FIAU, Producer and co-owner Radioaktive Film

Natalia Libet

Deputy of Head, Producer Esse Production House

Vladimir Yatsenko

General producer and co-owner Limelite

Maxim Asadchiy

Producer and co-owner of Pronto Film

Dmitry Sukhanov

General producer and co-owner TOY Cinema

Danylo Kaptuyh

Producer at Family Production

Oleksandra Mykolyshyn

Head of Media and PR Solar Media Entertainment

Ivanna Khitsinska

Executive Director of FIAU